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Connection: At the core of women's strength is their ability to accept, connect with, and uplift sisters of all different identities. Opening up to connection nurtures our growth.

Collaboration: Working together is the only path towards change, and women will lead us down this road.

Imperfection: Anne’s Haven wants to help women be bold and creative. Instead of striving for external models of perfection, we value each woman's process of turning inward and discovering (and sharing) the true purpose of their lives.

Resurrection: Women's lives move through stages. We are constantly growing wiser and being resurrected, changed, and ready to start a new chapter.
About Anne
Our Values
Anne's Haven (501C3) provides unconfined space to women, girls, and nonbinary people of all ethnic, racial, sexual, and religious identities. Our center offers a vibrant environment through which people can learn from and support one another through their spiritual, physical, intellectual, financial, emotional, professional, and social development journeys.

We also present this peaceful space to you as an individual, so you can refuel, rejuvenate, and discover your power.

If what you're looking for is not already offered here, we encourage you to create it yourself! Anne's Haven is malleable. It is a place for exploration, a canvas to which you bring the creativity, passion, and skills you want to develop or share with others.   ​

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Our Mission​

An oasis

​where women can 

support and learn from one another

Here you will find a number of programs and events offered by women in and around the community, such as classes, events, workshops, celebrations, support groups, and more.

You may also use the space for your own business or function, if you would like to put something on yourself. Check out the numerous amenities we offer to see if Anne's is right for you.

You can also come to Anne's Haven to just hangout, either solo or with friends or children.

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About Anne's Haven

What We Do

5629 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago IL 60634

Meet Anne McNicholas-Giangrasse, a woman so inspiring that Anne's Haven was founded in her name and memory, by her daughter Janet.

Born on March 14th, 1926, Anne was strong, independent, intelligent, clever, creative and a most devoted and loving mother. She was an eternal source of inspiration for what women should expect from life, as well as themselves.

Anne's Haven is a tribute to Anne's life. It is also the legacy of what she envisioned, which was a life without barriers for women.

Anne received the 'Unsung Heroine Award'  posthumously in 2019