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Anne's Haven is a vibrant, peaceful space.  It is open to all women. They come for business, theycome with babies, they come to relax, they come to learn.  Aside from the many workshops, we offer a place to relax, exhale, talk and think.  We have a children's corner with books, and art supplies and an outdoor area in the back for some sun and fresh air.  There is a meeting room that seats up to 12 people (though we are non-digital so if need be, you'll have to bring a hot spot)

Anne's Haven is a place to feel the real world and your connection to all there is, and leave behind the virtual, on-line world if only for a short time.  This is where you can bring your passion, skill, interests and share it with others in a workshop. 

Be there for each other, be there for yourself and you will find your energetic field expanding out to affect the minds and hearts of all you love.

Anne's Haven

Open by reservation ~~~

please text 773-512-8115 for any size group

 Founded: 2016

Owner: Janet Giangrasse


We are working to build a community of women .who help each other personally and professionally. 

We are working to build an environment where women can gather and find these helping hands and hearts.

We are working to build the strength to flourish...and have fun!