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·   Baby showers
·   Birthday parties
·   Disco night
·   Potlucks

5629 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago IL 60634

​​​​Anne's Haven has been home to countless programs and events put on by women in and around the Portage Park area.

We encourage you to participate in some of the projects that are running at the moment, or to rent out the space​ yourself and start your own! If you are interested, contact us.

Past Programs & Events

·   Polling site
·   Cook Country

    Commissioners Q&A
·   Portage Park Chamber of

    Commerce meetings

(773) 340-1678

·   Study groups
·   Math tutoring
·   Book Club
Here are just a few of the many activities Anne's Haven has be a host to over the years:​​​​

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Business & Commerce
·   Vendor markets
·   Business Meetings
·   Women’s Business 
·   Marketing workshop

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·   Support groups
·   Financial advisory
·   Growth workshops
·   Yoga

Click here to see  and participate in our current programs & events
Various Events
·   Immigrant Appreciation      Day Event
·   Me Too Event
·   Memorials
·   Child playgroup
*COVID-19 UPDATE: On behalf of the safety of our community, all in-person hangout sessions and programs limited to 20-person gatherings. The outside area can be reserved for parties of up to 30 people. Thank you!

About Our ​​​Programs & Events

About Our Programs & Events

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·   Food Drive
·   Mask distribution
·   Conflict Resolution 
Arts & Performance
·   Concerts
·   Stand-up comedy
·   Musical rehearsals
·   Writing workshops

An oasis

​where women can 

support and learn from one another